Welcome to theChubbiverse

Join for the giggles, and stay for the rainbow farts

250 Genesis Chubbicorns

The mystical leaders

who started the Chubbiverse, they love to giggle and vomit memes

Joined by 8888 Chubbiverse Frens

888 Chubbisaurs:

sassy and breathes fire

2000 Chubbikuns:

cheeky and likes anime

2000 Chubbiwhals:

floats in air and water

2000 Chubbicats:

likes music and jazzercise

2000 Chubbipigs:

avid traveler and foodie

Featured 1/1s

Chubbiverse's Vision

  • ✨ Let's giggle
  • ✨ Let's fart 🌈
  • ✨ Let's be cute

We 💖 memes
We 💖 telling stories

Chubbicorn starry night
“Imagine thinking these aren't good NFTs”@Vince_Van_Dough
Chubbiverse lunar new year
“This community is so freaking cool @chubbiverse I love this piece”@DeFi_Ted

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