The Great Migration

Chubbicorns, let's go beyond the OpenSea

The Chubbiverse is sailing from the wide Open Sea to new shores!

Hitch your sails and trim the jib. We have more bears to hunt, frens to make; and treasures that could be yours....

Hop aboard and sign the new contract, for sailing into the horizon we be!

There will be more giggles, rainbow farts, and friendships made on the truly wide open sea!

Chubbicorns collection

Please connect your wallet


Why do we have to migrate?
Can we migrate back to the old contract?
Can I migrate at any time?
Is the process safe?
Should I revoke permissions?
What happens to the old contract on exchanges like OpenSea?
How many transactions are required?
Would the Chubbifrens be impacted with this new contract?